We upgraded to Version 1.2 and noticed that Version 1.2.897 Windows Desktop Client has a memory leak.
We can reproduce this on all our machine. If you make a fresh install and syncing some thousands files we can see that the filr process
memory is increasing constantly till ~1,9GB and then the client crashes. If you start over and over and it has synced all files the client don't crash anymore.
We tried Version 1.2.894 from the Release Candidate that works perfect, no memory leak. But the Filr server always want to update the client because the server has a newer client even if
I copy the 1.2.894 and version.json to /opt/novell/filr/apache-tomcat/webapps/desktopapp/novellfilr/windows/x64 on the Server.
All our Workstations running on W7 64bit.
Anyone else has observed this?