We are using GroupWise v8.0.2 and we are experiencing a strange issue. I will try my best at a clear explanation.

When I wish to add screen shots to my emails, I use Microsoft's "Snipping Tool," then I save the image as a .jpg, and use the "Insert Picture" icon (in HTML view) to embed the image into the email body.

When my colleague does the same, her images show up fine in the body of her email, but when any internal recipients open her emails, all we see is a black box with an 'X' as if the image was lost. When she opens the email from her sent folder, the images appear fine. But the rest of us can't see her embedded images, just the black box where the image should be.

We just recently started using GroupWise and my understanding is that all of our settings are the same. She has tried saving the snips as .jpg, .png, .html and .gif to no avail. I've searched high and low for a solution and I'm stumped. Any ideas what could be causing this?