I'd like to lay out a set of results, to ask if you can think of any
situations, configurations, issues that might lead to these results.
I'm pulling my hair out. Note, this might be an Exchange issue, and not
a driver issue.

1. Using entitlements to provision Exchange Mailboxes, through the
Powershell Service, to Exchange 2010 SP2 "rollup 4", ADDriver.dll
version IDM 4.5
2. Timing: We have configured such that the Exchange entitlement is not
granted until after the IDV user has an DirXML-ADContext attribute
established. This ensures the actions are taken by the stock, out of the
box NOVLADENTEX sub-CTP Entitlements implementation (rather than the AD
ITP entitlements impl based on <add-Association> )

A. User is granted entitlement, is provisioned into Exchange. Looking
at the AD Account via Apache Directory Studio, I see all msExchange
attributes... but NONE of them synch back to eDir.
B. If, on that user, I manually revoke the entitlement by twiddling the
ref to "0" and then back to "1", everything comes through.

Is there any chance that the publisher channel doesn't "see" the initial
assignment to Exchange, the initial addition of the email address and
other Exchange attributes? I have level five Remote Loader trace of the
initial assignments, the revocation, and the re-assignment of the
entitlement, and all of them return identical "success" outputs.

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