We have upgraded to Groupwise 2014. We have Groupwise 14.0.1 Build 117118

Now when we create a user via iManager, and tell it via the Groupwise plugin to create a groupwise user. When the user logs in to their PC via Novell. It does not auto log them into Groupwise.

When they login to Groupwise it always errors out on the first screen saying LDAP has been enabled, and have to hit cancel to get to the second username/password screen. They can leave the password blank here if they are logged into eDirectory, or put their eDirectory password in and it lets them in. As far as I can see this is similar to TID 7014866. Which i have added the link to below. But we have the latest backend version that this should work on.


I'm not sure if we doing something daft as these are all the new users created since Groupwise 2014 has been installed. So we create the users within iManager, then go back into iManager and edit the user, in here we put the password in NMAS and also add the link to Groupwise via the plugin. When we look in the Groupwise 2014 admin webpage everything looks good. But these users just will not auto login to Groupwise...

In the Groupwise web interface if we look at the client settings for the users it has a tick in use eDirectory Authentication instead of Password and Enable Single Sign-on ticked. We have tried ticking and unticking Use Collaboration Single Sign-on (CASA) and this seems to make no difference.

Help - Are we being a bit thick and completely missing out a step?