We currently use GW2012 sp3, users authenticate in GroupWise Client using GW's ability to use LDAP on our AD domain, we do have eDirectory to support GW2012, but the account passwords are not used by users.

We are trying GroupWise Mobility Service 2.1 with mobile devices.

Mobility services is set to use user accounts and passwords from GroupWise DB and not set to use LDAP from eDirectory, as users do not use eDirectory passwords (no Netware Client here anymore!).

For users to login to Mobility service, we had to disable LDAP in ConsoleOne, GroupWise, Security, High Security Options, uncheck LDAP to use GroupWise native passwords in Mobility Service.

We were hoping in the absence of LDAP to AD support in Mobility service, that we could use the native GroupWise password on the Mobility Service, but leave AD LDAP enabled on the Post Office for the GroupWise client.
Users could then login to GW client using the AD LDAP password, and the native GroupWise password on mobile devices connected to Mobility Service.
When ever LDAP is enabled on the POA, users cannot login to Mobility Service.

Is the only option here to disable LDAP completely, use GroupWise native passwords only for both GroupWise clients and Mobility Service?

The only other method is to use eDirectory for both and install a Directory sync tool between AD and eDir...which maybe too much to bear....