Trying to assess the time and impact of renaming an IDM 4.5 UserApp
driver, before I fall back to rebuilding from scratch.

In a DEV environment the driver was called "UserApplication" while the
Production install was called "UserApp," and we have a bevy of GCV's
that refer to the UA Driver DN

I would like to rename the Production driver, to match DEV. The
Production environment has not gone live yet. The driver is in a fairly
green-field IDVault, so I don't have to worry about mass implications.

I see from 2009 that renaming the UserApp driver was trivial:

Does this still hold water for IDM4.5? Stop the driver, rename it in
iManager, restart the driver.

What other modifications might there be? Modify the Driver DN in
Any other implications? We do have the Roles and Resources driver
running as well. Reconfigure the DN reference in its config, I assume.

Thanks for additional insights/process, in advance.

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