I have 3 DSfW servers in the tree. At the primary site, two are SLES 10.3 OES 2.0.3, and at a DR site there's a single DSfW server that's 10.4 / OES 2.0.3. There's already some other SLES 11.3 / OES 11.2 servers in the tree. (And still a couple NetWare as well!). One of the dsfw servers is master of root and each other partition.

So we need to get these DSfW servers up to 11, and want it to be as smooth as possible. The tree is healthy, ndsd_dsfw_healthchk looks good. (Actually at the moment it complains that "A container does not have a Password Policy assigned", but otherwise it's good).

What's the best approach, e.g., media upgrade vs. channel upgrade? (We have a local SMT server). Do I need to take the 10.3 servers up to 10.4 first? Any other gotchas I need to watch out for?

Thanks in advance for recommendations.