I'm running into a problem after updating to the latest driver (which in
general works fine!)

the driver is triggering group membership changes for non existent
groups. In the older version we got no group membership events, so this
is clearly a good thing... except that the driver gets stuck on this
event and never advances.

We only propagate a small handful of groups to google (this avoids a
huge collection of print and other security groups cluttering the Google
namespace and some very long group names). I added some attributes to
groups to a) control propagation, and b) rename the group to something
more sensible. I trigger off of "class name = group".

What event should I trigger off of to add a filter (and rewrite) of
group membership.
I'm looking at the existing Driver code, and it seems to be written with
entitlements in mind. I'm not seeing an obvious group-membership update
event called which I could copy.
FWIW, the word "entitlement scares me a little as we have Standard
Edition. I don't know the context of "entitlement" here, but I assume
it's not available to a lowly standard edition customer.


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