The user has an iPad and iPhone, the Filr app on iPad works flawlessly. The iPhone allow the user to login after a LONG pause with error ( paraphrasing ) The filer server version is too old. The app info between the iPad and iPhone show the same version 1.2 and build numbers. The iPhone is brand new. We see same results when iPhone and iPad ate on same wireless network or when the iPhone is on the 4G network.

We also see one semi-strange thing with this user, when they login via the web interface we sometimes see it taking a very long time. When we look at the activity log for the user we see a proportionally long list of MODIFY events one for each folder and subfolder in his home directory. We do not see this for other users.

User has about 20 externally shared folders, where they are sharing with an external entity via their e-mail address, which appear to work.

The strange finding is that the iPad works, and seems to have the same version and build of the app. We have removed and reinstalled the app. Same result.

I have to think the error about the server version is a red herring. If novell goes about merrily breaking Filr for people when they roll out a new version of their app, its going to be a disaster rather soon. And I don;t see the error on other devices with the 1.2.latest app.

-- Bob