Howdy, y'all,

As we expedite our migration from XP Pro to Win 7 x86, we have discovered that our departmental NetWare 5 server isn't supported by Client 2 SP3 on Win 7. So what's the bigger headache? Remain on XP Pro and migrate away from NetWare 5, probably to Server 2008 and AD? Or migrate to a newer server box running NW 5.1 with all patches?

We have coupla HP ML servers and a never-used NW 5.1 with adequate user licences so it looks like this may be an acceptable medium-term compromise. After installing NW 5.1 on one of the HP servers, it is possible to copy all of the folders and files and eDirectory from the NW 5 server over the wire (i.e., departmental intranet)?

I recognize that I'm a bit off-topic, but we're trying to select the option of least resistance.

Thanks much.

Andy on the Left Coast.