I'm having an issue completing the integration between ZCM 11.3.2 and NSD 7.1 (appliance). I'm pretty sure I have the system privilege settings correct per the documentation:

Name:  Privileges - System.png
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I have the ZENworks integration configuration setup for the primary server:

Name:  ZCM Config - no 79.png
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When I click on the ZCM icon on the NSD login page, I get an error:

0x706: GET failed on : 404

(Note here that only the primary server IP address is listed in the error.)

Name:  Login - no 79.png
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I looked at the error and remembered that when I setup ZCM I had a conflict with port 80 and used port 79 instead. So, I adjusted the ZCM configuration:

Name:  ZCM Config - 79.png
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Then when I try the ZCM icon from the NSD login page, I get a different error:

0x704: I/O transport error: mcdconsllc-s02

(Note that here the server name of the primary server is listed instead of the IP address.)

Name:  Login - 79.png
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Data import from ZCM appears to work correctly with either configuration.

Any input on how to clear this error will be much appreciated!