We have our core OES2 servers that have replicas of all partitions. These recently had their IP addresses changed (same name, same subnet).

All seemed well but now I see authentication failures for people using CIFS NFAP on Netware boxes which query these OES2 servers for non-local users.

From DSTrace of only NMAS events I see:

29: Actual user DN CN=someone.O=Acompany
29: Connected to .CN=Server_A.OU=CoreIS.O=Acompany.T=ATreename. for remote login
29: ERROR: -1660 NMAS login sequence not available on server .CN=Server_A.OU=CoreIS.O=Acompany.T=ATreename.

How can I confirm that these OES2 Linux servers have got the methods installed and fix or reconfigure them ?