hello all

When using the new (4.1 AM on SLES 11 sp3) admin console, I noticed
a more frequent appearance of this phenomena. That is now and then, the
HTTP Status 404 - /roma/ page appears. This would probably happen while
clicking the update server button on one of the AM componenet (AG or
IDS) servers, or when editing the ids role or creating a reverse proxy.
Basically, it appears randomly. When I encounter this problem, I would
return to the previous page, and then try again, and this time it might
work as expected. But it does become rather annoying, and gives people
the impression that the program is somewhat buggy. Already, you would
see the sporadic "Error connecting to the data store message when
logging in to the admin console, and now the HTTP Status 404 error...

Just wondering if anyone-else is also experiencing these same problems.

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