I'm trying to understand the functionality of the CLE integration with
SSPR. If there is documentation I'm missing that describes it, I'd be
happy to know about that and review it. I have the Administration guide
for CLE and SSPR, but can't find a lot of information about how CLE
works in either of them.

Right now I'm in a state where CLE is only partially working. I can get
to the secure browser and do password reset through SSPR. However, if I
enable "SSPR Configurations" in the CLE setup, those features do not
work and worse appear to break native GINA functionality.

To be specific, on Windows 8.1 with the latest CLE, and latest SSPR
using AD as the LDAP source, installing the CLE either creates a "CLE
Tile" or "takes over" the existing Domain and Local Accounts Sign-In
option. Either way I do it, the CLE option is broken and no user can
login through the CLE integration. In the "take over" scenario, all
access to the workstation is cut off!

First of all, I'm curious about how CLE is supposed to work with SSPR
Configurations enabled. I'm concerned about whether it could prevent any
and all login to the workstation if something were to go wrong with
SSPR/CLE which is exactly what I seem to be experiencing. I'm pretty
sure I'll wind up using the optional tile just because of worry over
this alone.

Second, why isn't my environment working? The only real clue I have
right now is that the domain listed in the optional tile is slightly
different than the one in the default Domain and Local sign-in option.
But where would it be getting that from? For example, let's say we are
companyinc.com with a pre-windows 2000 domain name of company. The
native windows Domain and Local sign-in option shows the domain as
"company", but the optional CLE tile shows the domain as "companyinc".
If it had the domain as either "company" or "companyinc.com" it might
work, but what is has is not valid. So where does that come from?

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