I am completely lost iPrint has gone south on me. One of our faculty claimed that they could not print. When I looked at the server and tried to restart the print manager I get
"java.net.SocketException: Connection reset IPP Error: 0x1007.

If I try to create a new print manager I get the same error.

It seems that the SSL certificate may not be valid. I had a situation with ZCM where my connection had an error and gave me an SSL certificat error so I went through the process in iManager to repair it. And recreated the Connection. Now Zen logins work.

I am in a crisis and cant afford to create a new print server. How do I get this working.

Could this be a Licinsing Issue? We are renewing our licenses. But everything else is working. Novell was suppose to sent me a temporary license until our P.O. is processed. But havent got it yet.

I print has never failed me and I have been using it for many years and I am lost. And classes start Tuesday.

Is this related?