Hi All,

I have a fairly basic requirement in userapp to have it look at a DN
formatted attribute and fetch attributes from the listed DN. We would
like this to show mainly in the 'Detail' portlet on the MyProfile page,
so that when users login to perform password operations, they can see
their details and such.

The behavior is exactly the same as the default 'manager' attribute
(which works), which pulls givenName and sn from the linked user (aka,
the current users manager).

In my case, I have some Organizational Roles which hold position related
information, such as jobTitles. We do not store these jobTitles and
other position specific information against the user, hence a DN lookup
is needed.

I have added a couple of custom attributes to the user class such as
"currentJobTitleDN" which contains a DN reference to the user's
Organizational Role object. I have setup the DAL as follows:
1. Added a 'Job Title' attribute to the default User class in the DAL
with attr name currentJobTitleDN.
2. Set data type to 'DN'
3. Set control type to DN Lookup.
4. Set lookup entity to be 'OrgRole Lookup'
5. OrgRole Lookup is set up the same as the default User Lookup entity.
6. I have added the jobTitle attribute to OrgRole lookup.
7. I have also setup the DN Lookup parameters on the 'currentJobTitleDN'
attribute to look at the OrgRol Lookup entity and pull jobtitle.

With the above set, when I login, the jobTitle field shows up but it is
not populated. I have no idea what it is or how to debug this.
Considering the default manager lookup works, and that I have settings
much the same, I thought this would be easy.

Any help?


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