Trying to move or copy files from one OES 11 server to anther.
Source: OES 11 SP1
Destination: OES 11 SP2
Using Windows 7 Pro with Novell Client 2 SP3 for Windows 7 (IR10a)

Some of my users are using what I consider to be fairly long file
names. If I attempt to copy one of these, the process just hangs and
I end up force rebooting the PC. Unfortunately, they are buried in
the folder structure so it is making it difficult to deal with. I
really don't want to have to dig through each folder to find these
long filenames. The users are assuming the names are valid since they
are able to name them that long. Is there a file name length we
should be following? Is there a reason that they can name the file
with a long name but I can't copy it to another server?