I've set up a single sign-on environment with AM 4.0.1 as the identity
provider and a remote adfs server as the service provider to provide
access to a web based custom app.
I've set up claims to allow access based on groups, and it has been in
operation for several months.
The application vendor is now introducing a new report printer that runs
on a local workstation in the local environment, and they are getting
an error that the
https://<server>/adfs/services/trust/13/windowstransport is not
All of the vendors' other customers have ADSF as identity providers, and
the vendor support people are only fluent on the ADFS settings, not the
actual federated internals of it.
They say that this a a checkbox item on an ADFS server.
Is anyone familiar with this functionality, and what would be involved
to add it to my Access Manager configuration?

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