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Thread: Windows 10 & ZCM 11.3.2

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    Windows 10 & ZCM 11.3.2

    Hi all,

    I've finally gotten round to having a play with Win 10, and I know ZCM has "experimental" support for it at the moment.

    Just wondering if anyone else has come across a problem whereby you install the ZCM agent (fresh install), and then after the reboot, the whole networking stack seems broken - ipconfig just doesn't return anything. I've repeated the issue while trying to build an image multiple times now - if I skip the ZCM agent install, all is fine.

    This is all on vSphere 5.5 with the E1000E adapter btw if that makes any difference.


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    Re: Windows 10 & ZCM 11.3.2

    Try Enabling "Location Lite".
    If that does not help ...........
    Try Setting the ZESM Component to Uninstalled, Turn Off Self-Defense, and Enabling "Location Lite".
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