I am using Platespin Migrate 11.1 on a win 2003 r2 Ent server. I have
full access rights both domain & local full access rights to all VSPhere
clients. I am migrating a number of virtual servers over the WAN to our
new datacentre, Our VMWare 5.5 environment is the same version just a
different location. Many servers have already gone over with no
problem. Each of the servers are pretty much the same build either 2008
or 2003 server can be 32 0r 64 bit. Using the same settings to live
copy from one centre to the other a number of random servers are
stalling at the 6.8.1 sending file 6.8.2 receiving files this is getting
stalled at 1%. The ports are opened and there is no firewall or
antivirus running on the source machines i have no options but to abort
there is no error message it doesn't fail just stays at that total 23%
sending receiving files 1%. Can anyone offer any help on this one.
Please Viv

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