we have installed a iPrint Appliance and want to use the email based print. I have configured the appliance on the webinterface and the email based printing works fine with our "normal" printers (works with SSL/TLS and the correct credential). For our multifunction printers we have a "MyQ" - printsoftware and it works good with the iPrint-Client on our Windows 7 computers and the correct credential for SSL/TLS. But if we sent a email to print@xyz.at and want to print on our multifunction printers, the credential were not be in the same form like the Windows iPrint client because our "MyQ" - Software shows me this error.

2015-05-26 15:23:57: Regular expression did not match the job owner: "^(.*?)[.]" in "username"
2015-05-26 15:23:57: Job's owner not specified. The job was discarded.

I have tested the configuration with the FDN value in the /etc/opt/novell/iprintmobile/conf/iprintmobile.conf file with no positive result.

Thanks a lot