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Thread: Bundles assigned to AD OUs that contain users and groups

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    Bundles assigned to AD OUs that contain users and groups

    Hey All.

    This is more of a general question and not problem.

    To help understand this question here is how this is setup:

    User2 is in my AD OU Department2. User2 belongs to an AD group that is in the Department1 OU.

    Through ZCM I assigned a Bundle to the AD OU Department1 under Users > Department1. When I log in as User2, the bundle that is assigned to Department1 doesn't show up, which is what I want.

    I am trying to figure out, for auditing reasons, when you assign a bundle to an AD OU like Department1, why does it not automatically flow through to the groups in that OU?

    I have bundles that are assigned to AD groups that work great. Also, my Configuration > User Source Settings > Active Directory Settings > Top-level groups and the nested group depth level upto = 4.

    Zenworks server version is running Server 2008
    Clients are version 11.2.3a running Windows 7 x64

    Thanks for the feedback in advance.

    -Joe H.
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