Using ZCM 11.3.2.

We have new machines to deploy - Fujitsu Esprimo P42 E85+, and we cannot put an image on them. We built one machine, took an image (post Sysprep etc). Imaging to another pc fails - aborted

The first issue was the number of partitions on the drive as shipped, We deleted these and attempted to pull down the image again. this time the error was "Trying to restore MBR based image in to UEFI machine". So I changed the bios from UEFI and Legacy to Legacy only.

The image starts coming down but then aborts with the following error on screen:

ffffe000-fffff000 r-xp 00000000 00:00 0 [vdso] aborted.

There's obviously a lot more than that on screen but that's the last message.

I'm stuck and can't figure out why the image - from an identical pc - will not install.

Any ideas?