Long time Netware admin, currently running NW6.5 / OES2 small network (about 40 users) with GroupWise 2012.
Our company just bought a smaller company (about 25 users) that runs an MS server 2003 AD setup with some flavor of exchange.

After putting both IT heads together we have decided to "stay" with OES and move up to GroupWise 2014
but at least for a while we will need to "play nice" between both file storage systems.

Our thought is to set up a new tree using OES 11 sp2, configure it with DSfW so it can talk to the Windows domain, and then push all the files from both systems onto the new file-servers. Both companies have a lot of extraneous **** in their networks which is why we figured to start with a fresh tree, but we are trying to do this with as little impact as possible on the users (no problems with the workload on the admins, we'd rather have an end result that we are confident with than a mismatch). Eventually we think we want to add Filr to the mix, but for now it's just file sharing.

Final company will have three sites plus several mobile users.
Current netware company has 2 sites with NW /OES servers at both.
Current MS company has 2 sites with MS servers at both locations.
Merging both headquarters and keeping both satellite locations plus the remote users, all only need file shares "cross forest" until we can populate the whole new network. All are using Windows 7 workstations. Happy to provide any additional information, but looking for suggestions as to how we make this all work.

Thanks in advance,