Whats new says:

New Feature and Enhancements

Designer provides a single view user interface for viewing and upgrading
the installed packages in your Identity Manager project. To access the
single view use interface, right-click Package Catalog in the Outline
view, then select Package Upgrade.

Designer now extends the Compare Customization feature to the driver set
and Identity Vault packages in addition to drivers. This feature
compares the package items with the driver set or Identity Vault items
similar to the driver items.

Designer now supports comparing resource objects. For example, you can
now compare objects such as resources, mapping tables, ECMA script,
prompts, and so on, similar to the existing Compare Policies feature

Designer now supports copying server-specific settings for GCV resources.

Designer provides the ability to copy the Engine Control Values by using
"Copy > Server-Specific Settings..." option from the Driver's context menu.

The Project Checker has been enhanced to notify if upgrades are
available for the packages installed on a driver, driver set, and
Identity Vault.

The Project checker has been enhanced to notify if the driver or driver
set policies in a user created package have After/Before linkages or
have the same weight in a policy set.

Designer provides you an option to update the GCVs without the need for
deploying the entire driver or the driver set that contains the GCV. You
can now deploy the GCV from the Deploy Attributes section in the Driver
or Driver Set configuration.

The Package Manager now provides a new document during prompt
transformations for packages. This document will help the package
developers to move the prompts from the driver configuration parameters
to GCVs.

Designer's Document Generation feature now includes linked GCV objects.
To display the GCV resource name, the Source column is included in the
GCV table.

Fixes included

Designer resolves the connectivity issue observed while using
the Version Control feature of Designer on a secure server.

Designer no longer reports errors if you deploy a Workflow from
Designer 4.5 to an older version of User Application.

Designer now includes "error.do-find-matching-object" error variable in
the Variable browser under Policy Builder.

Designer now lists all the versions of the packages except the existing
versions on Designer. Earlier Designer listed only the latest versions
of packages during online package updates.

The "Copy server-specific settings…" dialog box now displays properly
upon maximizing the window.

During the base package upgrade, Designer now preserves the Data
Abstraction Layer changes added through a User Application non-base