we had a iSCSI connection of a Suse SLES 11 SP1 to a FreeNAS 9.3 Server. This was working perfectly. After an update to SP3 is the connection not possible. I get no response after the login. There are no more informations in the logfiles of both servers.

We did a new setup of the connection at the YaST2 iSCSI-Initiator interface again without any success.
A server reboot hangs at the point of the iSCSI startup.

An iSCSI connection to a Microsoft or Openfiler target without any problems. We have also a lot of iSCSI connection from other servers to this FreeNAS.
This seems to be a problem between SLES 11 SP3 and FreeNAS 9.3.

Does anybody has an idea, how we can resolve this? Is someone using SLES 11 SP3 (OES 11 SP2) with FreeNAS?

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