Hi everyone,

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We are currently migrating our organisation to Windows 8.1 Entreprise with Novell Client 2 SP3 IR10. In Windows XP, couple years ago, we added a Force Logoff button to the unlock screen using this value in registry :


I'm trying to add the same button to the unlock screen in Windows 8.1 but this value won't work anymore. I'm trying to find a solution. Please, keep in mind that Fast User Switching is disabled and that our users aren't administrators.

I've made some research on Google. I've read some things about the Force Logoff option being removed from Windows 6.x and replaced by Fast User Switching. I've seen some posts talking about installing some program to add the possibility to unluck using an account that is administrator but this won't do it because my users need to be able to do it on their own, without having to call helpdesk. I'd rather not install any program or plugin on my workstations.

Is there any solution? Or should my users keep shutting down workstation to login?