Hi There,

I wonder if anyone would be kind enough to help me on this:

a user reported that the discussion thread tab in an email does not show all items related and after a test I also could trick the feature.

to reproduce the issue:

User1 sends an email to user2
User2 forwards it to user1
User1 replies to it to user2
User2 replies to it to user1

when user1 opens 1st email received from user2, the discussion thread shows 4 items (2 sent, 2 received)
When user 1 opens 2nd email received it displays 3 items (1 sent, 2 received)

See print screen: http://1drv.ms/1Ktmmzy

I don't know if I go too far with that feature or it is a normal behaviour but it is quite annoying because if you run a search in all folders it finds it.

Thank you for your advice on this,

GW2012 SP3 Build: 118451