Not sure if this is the right subforum or not so please excuse me if its not.

We just completed an upgrade to ZCM 11.3.2 in order to support some newly requested RHEL 6.5 servers. They are 64bit servers that have a few 32bit libs to support some older apps. We downloaded the 32bit and 64bit repos and created the bundles but for some reason when we try to patch it does not update the 32bit libs and only says they will be removed. I can manually upldate the 32bit glibc and zcm will patch without asking to remove anything depending on that but it ignores all the other 32bit libs and only updates the 64bit ones. Also when searching zcm it only shows x86_64 not any of the i686 items available.

I'm hoping there is a doc, guide, tip or trick out there that might lead us in the right direction to figure out why. Perhaps our bundles are created incorrectly? Any ideas would be appreciated.