I am going through a process to try and provide better protection for remote users and have experimented using the backup option from with Tools | Options | Environment | Backup Options.
I find when I turn this on a backup process does take place and I can see where this gets progressively larger than the original mailbox. So far so good!
If I then go to File | Open Backup, the screen then displays what I would expect the complete contents of the backup. It does not do this but does display some data, generally very recent data. However using search within the backup display appears to return a full list of expected data which may in fact be returned from the Caching location.
  1. Is this working as designed?
  2. If not is the backup process restricted to Remote users only (I have only tested with Caching users)?
  3. If I wanted to do a full restore of the backup mailbox, can this be done remotely, or does the backed up data need to be copied to a restore area?
  4. The documentation for restore in 2014 Client documentation does not seem to relate to the backup being local to the client but seems to refer to a restore area. Perhaps I misunderstand things.

I was expecting to find something similar to the archive process but with all mail, including deleted mails.
I have tried this on a number of different clients with similar results (all 2014 though). I have not been able to find a fuller description or any further documentation except contained in GroupWise 2014 Documentation (same for a number of releases).
Any guidance appreciated, and perhaps comments as to the worth of such a process.