Hi ,

i am facing one issue with my identity server .

i have two identity servers configured under cluster and HLB .In cluster
if one of my IDP(one node ) is corrected or failed to working .

what is the next process do i have to do .

Here is the issue :-

Case 1:- in my cluster i disabled 2nd node through the HLB which means
in cluster only one IDP is working second one is down .in this scenario
users are able authenticate with IDP and working fine .

Case 2:- I tested the same in reverse like make 1st node down and
second one up ,which means only IDP is working on the only second node
,in this scenario users are facing the issues like unable to
authenticate .some times they can login but some times they are facing
unable to authenicate .

but please note last 1 yr on wards my system is working fine with out
any issues with 2 IDP servers .But recently i am facing this issue
unable to authenitcate with one 1 IDP server .

Can some one tell me what can i do to make second IDP is also to work
fine .

I am thinking IDP server is configuration may crashed .

If i remove the second server from cluster and if i reinstall the second
IDP again and add to cluster will it work or not ?


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