Using Filr 1.1 fully patched, large configuration (no cluster).
we are trying to upload a large file (20GB) to a net folder (on a NSS volume).
It looks like filr caches this file first into the appliance self (/vastorage) and I suppose once is fully uploaded moves this file to the final destination (ie to the netfolder).
Problem is that the vastorage had not enough disk space to hold this large file, so at 63% aborted the process.
What now I am seeing is that filr does not purge the temp files generated during this process, so now the /vastorage is filled by more than 50% (while at the beginning was this something of 5%) so I would like to do a "manual" cleanup of such temporary files.
Does anybody knows which are the involved locations?

I see that most of the occuped place is on the following directories:


are other locations as wel?

can I just delete the files on these directories?

Any advice is welcome!!

Ricard Malvesi