Not strictly GroupWise but close enough I think.

We're looking into using GWAVA for Antivirus/Antispam with our GroupWise 2012 system. We've been in touch with GWAVA and they've sent us a 30-day trial which we've currently installed on a clean built SLES11 SP3 server. We don't however seem to understand the architecture of GWAVA or how it relates to GroupWise and, to put it in a nutshell, the GWAVA documentation is somewhat lacking in explaining the individual interface purposes.

We're transitioning for an internet hosted mail filtering system, that worked by simply pointing our MX records at it, it did the necessary and then sent the clean feed to the GWIA.
Reading between the lines that isn't how GWAVA works. It looks like it should be installed on the GWIA server and intercepts the mail within the GWIA folder structures. Is this correct? Should we have built a separate server? We're a small shop and everything runs on a single OES11 server (GWAVA docs don't mention OES11 on Linux support, only SLES10/11, windows 2008 and OES2). Or should we put a 2nd domain and GWIA on the new SLES box? (could be a day 2 project)

Ideally we'd get the system up and running in probably the most basic configuration like below today and then add/tweak as we go along:
Internet -> GWIA/GWAVA -> MTA/POA

POA/MTA -> GWIA/GWAVA (add global footer) -> Internet

If anyone could give us a heads up on where/how the components fit together for this. Or a simple guide on setting up a basic config for a GWIA filter that'd help immensely.