HI All,

moving away from personal storage so that we can do easier backups .. and restore .. i believe to do a restore of a users file/files is about the same as sending a spaceship up to mars?.

Ok all, i just cant get this to work "Home Folders" ... BUT NOT reading them from edir/ldap, i want filr to set the attribute, we do not have the setting in edir, so i want filr to set this when users logs in for the first time.... this i understand from the docs it can do? .... (create the users cn as folder right) ... can it? .. if it can HOW or WHAT in the world is the relative path i need to set for this .. in docs i have two settings and i cant seem to get any one working .. on the one it says just add the relative path so i go netfolderserver-vol1 and path "home\" tried without \ with something in front..every possible combination you can think of..nothing works .. then somewhere else it talks about \home\%cn% here i also tried every combination known to the universe .. no success ..... any idea for dumb-dumb here please..

what should it look like when i have a "netfolderver-vol1" and i want the users home folders to be created under the folder "home" ?. what does "relative path" look like?.. so the actual path looks like this \\server\vol1\home\%cn% .. how will the setting look in filr config?>

signing off dumb-dumb ...