With a *_new_* install of IDM v4.5 using Tomcat on Linux, is it
supported to replace the files from IDM 4.5 One SSO Provider (OSP) (osp.war and ospconf*.jar) and IDM 4.5 Identity Applications
4.5.1 (dash.war, IDMProv.war, landing.war, homepagelogging.xml and
iac-datasource-factory.jar) patches *_before_* starting Tomcat for the
1st time? I was thinking this would save a few steps of having to
delete the appropriate folders per the patch instructions.

The Self Service Password Reset patch, the documentation says
this can be done with the sspr.war file. But was wondering if the same
process could be used with the recently released IDM v4.5.1 patches on a
new installation?

Thank you in advance!

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