Customer has a Resource object that somehow got the name "CN=" in it, original name was "NYM/EXEC Assistant~" now has "CN=NYM/EXEC Assistant~" when looking in C1 (this is a GroupWise 2012 system)

From the Secondary Domain:NYMDOM1

1.) Connected to the Secondary Domain (saw pin like object) Resource is named CN=NYM/Exec Assistant~

2.) Seeing Properties of Resource looks correct NYM/EXEC

3.) When trying to rename cannot click ok because name appears as NYM/EXEC Assistant~

From the Primary Domain : BOPMSPO

1.) Connected to Primary Domain Resource is named CN=NYM/EXEC Assistant~

2.) Was able to view Properties seeing email as NYM/EXEC

3.) When trying to rename new name does not allow ok when using NYM/EXEC Assistant~

1.) Would it be possible to rename the object to something completely different and then back to the original name?

We did rename the object NYM/EXEC Assistant old~ and when sending a message it displays the name NYM/EXEC Assistant old~ when you reply to the message it still shows NYM/EXEC Assistant ~

When trying to access the object in C1 we are now getting Error occurred converting the GroupWise object to its eDirectory Counterpart. eDirectory counterpart does not exist. When I look through NDS portion it does display as NYM/EXEC Assistant~ but I get an error when trying to access the Properties "GroupWise Administrator - The GroupWise information for this object does not exist. A possible cause is that replication is still in progress.

Do I just need to let this set, or have I come to a time that I need to open an SR