The sync time for the user access to Net folders is just drastic.

I understand that it does a lot (it collects the name, size, date, and ACL information), but over 3 hours of running it produced:

Date synchronization started: 05 June 2015 12:08:39 GMT
Date synchronization ended:
Node IP Address:
Directory enumeration failure: No
Number of entries expunged: 0
Number of operations that failed: 0
Files found: 0
Files added: 0
Files expunged: 0
Files modified: 0
Files with ACLs set/updated: 0
Files with ownership set/updated: 0
Folders found: 0
Folders added: 0
Folders expunged: 0
Folders with ACLs set/updated: 0
Folders with ownership set/updated: 0
Folders synchronized: 0