Using Apache Directory Studio I can perform a StartTLS session on port
386 of a Suse 11.3 eDirectory 8.8 sp8 LDAP server so it seems that it
supports at least version 1.0. Using Apache Directory Studio I can do an
SSL connection to port 636 but I suspect it is using TLS as well.
Is there a document that shows the version of TLS that LDAP supports? Is
it 1.0, 1,1, 1.2?
I'm trying to connect with a ServiceNow MID server and they are claiming
they no longer support SSL v3 because of Poodle. I've been unable to
find a document that shows that TLS is supported, and which version.
I've also been unable to find a tool that can test that and show me the
TLS version supported - do you know of a tool that can do that? SSLLabs
can test public servers but this is a private server - I'd like the same
kind of test available for private servers.
Thanks for your help!


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