I had a raid10 set going bad so I moved all the data off of it to a new NAS. Had a power outage 2 days ago and the ups battery failed so the system rebooted. It quit loading due to an error on the bad raid set so i powered down and removed the drives. At reboot the system could not find any boot devices (yes bios settings are correct). I downloaded the latest CD version and booted off of it. Device sdb (the one with OES installed) had changed to sda. sda was previously the raid10. I've since tried the following:

Following the grub-install procedure - not supported
grub2-install - doesn't exist
recreating a raid set so that the drive would move back to sdb. new raid came up as device sdb.
custom repair with everything checked. Succeeded, no change
custom repair with only the requirements for bootloader checked. Succeeded no change.
same as above using advanced options to write a new mbr. Succeeded no change
advanced boot loader repair. Failed with "because of the partitioning the bootloader cannot be installed"
repeated with different settings and after a few tries it succeeded. Still no change.
manually setting the partitions to active using sfdisk -Ax /dev/sda where x is the partition. No change.
advanced options attempt boot from installed os. Succeeded sort of. Seems it's a different kernel so I can't use networking due to perhaps iptables on your kernel needed to be upgraded.

No idea where to go from here. The current drive was always the os drive with small sda1 partition for boot, 32 gig swap on sda2, and the os on sda3 2.7tb ext3. The only possibility I can think of is that for some reason the installation wrote the boot files to the other raid set. How can I fix this so the system boots again?