Hi all

I've held of "Migrate Linkages..." for a while, but decided to jump in
now (still on Designer 4.0.2 AU5, BTW). However on compare with eDir,
it's not just the attribute DirXML-pkgLinkages which has suddenly been
added to many (not all) packaged policies.

The order of the policies of some drivers have also changed. They are:

- Active Directory Driver
- JDBC (MSSQL) driver
- LDAP Driver
- MSOffice365 driver

Did anyone else notice this? How did you handle with it? Given the
sheer existence of policy weight, I'd think policies cannot be simply
moved around like that.

On top of that, some values have changed order in those drivers, i.e.
values of:

- DirXML-GlobalConfig
- Publisher - DirXML-CommandTransformationRule
- Subscriber - DirXML-CommandTransformationRule
- Subscriber - DirXML-PlacementRule
- Subscriber - DirXML-MatchingRule
- Subscriber - DirXML-CreateRule

Geoff claims in 'Strange IDM Driver deployment error - Cool Solutions |
NetIQ' (http://tinyurl.com/o4z6jmp) that the *Rule attributes are old
and > the old attributes were basically retired and stopped being used, but does that mean the order of those values can be changed just like

Thanks in advance

PS The attribute DirXML-pkgLinkages couldn't be simply deployed to some
of my own packaged policies in eDir since the Object Class
DirXML-PkgItemAux was missing. Adding it manually to the policy objects
in eDir solved that problem.

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