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Thread: Routing local/inter-domain mail

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    Routing local/inter-domain mail

    I'm doing some tests with Groupwise 8 and would like to route local/inter-domain mail out through GWIA to another server, however I can't find any documentation or settings to make this happen.

    For example:
    If I send an email from sam@example.com to bob@example.com, Groupwise sees it as local and immediately delivers it without leaving the Groupwise system. But I need it to go through an outside (non-Groupwise) server, such as a spam filter or email archiver, which will route it back to Groupwise.

    Is this even possible?

    I setup SMTP relay, which is working fine when sending email out to non-local addresses (gmail, yahoo, etc), but local ones don't even show up in the GWIA logs.

    Edit: Also my local MX records are set to the 3rd party server, not the Groupwise server. Groupwise is ignoring them for internal mail.
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