Updated my 1.1 appliances with Patch 1 (413 and 414).

I have updated my iPrint client (Win7 x64, no Novell client) to the 6.00 build supplied with Patch 1.

Whenever I go to the iPrint printer install pages on an updated appliance I now see "Instructions Click on the printer that you want to install. In the "Internet Explorer Security" warning message, click "Allow" to proceed with the installation of the printer. To avoid prompts of security warning messages, select the "Do not show me the warning for this program again" check box."

I am not a local administrator of my Win 7 machine. Neither are our users.
AllowUserPrinters = 3 on all appliances in iPrint.ini
Using Group Policy, IE has our internal domain in the Trusted zone.

When I go to install the printer from an updated appliance I now get prompted to allow the security warning along with another browser window saying "Navigation was cancelled". Messy.

The remainder of the clients still running the older iprint client do NOT show the "Instructions" and do NOT get the security prompt or additional window.

My understanding was this update was supposed to improve the user experience when not an administrator. I am seeing the reverse.

Am I missing something here ?

Ideally we could keep the "instructions" modified to remove the "you should click allow because black hat hackers would never put that text on their webpage" but configure to trust our internal servers so the users do not get the spurious (in our case) security warning.

Anyone know the solution ?