Hi all,

I am trying to create very simple "Modify user" PRD where when I select
an user, some user`s field are prepopulated. It is quit simple but I do
not know how to set the "manage" field which is DNLookup in the form.
I tried to do like the following example shows but it does not work.

// NOTE: this is onchange event for the field where the current user is
selected and should be modified.
var lvManager= IDVault.get(null,field.getValue(),"user", "manager");

// (lvManager != '') ? form.setValues("manager", lvManager) :
form.setValues("manager", '');
(lvManager != '') ? form.setValues("manager", String(lvManager)) :
form.setValues("manager", '');



Do you know how can I prepopulate the DNlookup field?


Best Regards,

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