SSPR on Linux with OSP (Using 4.5.1 patch levels)

Profiles, Password Policies, there is a pair of settings.

Min and Max Non-Alphabetic characters.
Help says: Minimum amount of non-alphabetic characters required. A
value of zero disables this check.

Does this mean max or min non [a-zA-Z] so that would mean total of
numeric ([0-9]) and/or special characters (!@#$^&*()_+-=[]{}\|;:'",./<>?
and so on?

I have a requirement of:
Minimum of 2 in the set of upper or lower case. (not 1 upper, 1 lower,
rather 2 of upper and/or lower. Meh!)

But I have the same requirement for non a-Z or A-Z. So seems like this
is my setting then? I need 2 non-alphabetic.