After applying the May 2015 Scheduled Update for OES11 sp2 I saw that
there was a new npm plugin available for iPrint Linux Management with
version I installed the updated npm and now whenever I
try to manage any print component I get the error message :

"The hostname of the iPrint server does not match its certificate.
Continue to the iPrint Certificate Manager if you would like to view
this certificate and authorize its use."

In the past you could follow the link to the iPrint Certificate Manager
and force it to accept the differently named cert (in our case the cert
is named according to the host OES/SLES server, which has a different
name from the print manager).

However now, after updating to the latest iPrint Linux Management npm,
it no longer accepts the server cert - it always complains that there is
a name mismatch.

I'd like to rollback to the previous version, but haven't figured out
how to do that yet. Alternatively I could follow the TID to create a
wildcard cert, but that process is ugly and I'm not sure that it is the
correct thing to do - what side effects might there be? What happens
when the servers default certs are renewed? Etc. etc.

So right now I have a print system that is unmanageable... Any help is
greatly appreciated!

Various version info:
Client : Windows 7 Pro with all updates to June 8 2015, iPrint client
v6.0.0, IE 11
Host : OES11sp2/SLES11SP3, iManager 2.7.7 patch4,



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