My env:

IDM 4.0.2 AE Patch 7
RBPM 4.0.2 Patch D
Red Hat 6

I have create a multivalue custom attribute and associated in Computer
schema. The Computer schema and the custom attribute was added on Data
Collection Service Driver filter following the documentation. If I run
the "migrate from" I will see all values (around 100 - 200 values) of
the custom attribute on idmrpt_ext_idv_item_cs_v view. Perfect!
Now, If I change a single value on a Computer entry associated with DCS
driver, I see in the driver log the event "remove value" and "add value"
(ok for me), but in the DB all values for the Computer entry on
idmrpt_ext_idv_item_cs_v view are deleted except the single value
I did the same thing for another custom attribute for inetorgperson
class and in this case works perfectly.
No changes was made in RPT war files.

Somebody can help me? Custom multivalue attribute are supported?


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