IDM 4.0.2
eDir 8.8 SP7
Websphere 7 patch 29
SO: Redhat 6

hi everyone

I was reading the documentation, for the operation of change the
password for the user administrator of the User Application Portal, I
did the following steps:

1. Stop the drivers Userapp and RoleResourceServices
2. From iManager, I changed the password to the admin User application
portal user
3. Run the and I changed the password for the user
4. Deploy the new WAR in Websphere
5. Start the drivers mentioned before
6. I Checked the log and appeared the next errors
the user admin can not connect by ldap in the port 636 with edir check
the credentials

netiq [LDAP: error code 49 - NDS error: failed authentication (-669)]
FATAL [RBPM] [<cli nit>]

I can not get access to the log of the server

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