On a Windows 7 Pro laptop, I can get GroupWise to work with Office 13.

I installed GroupWise first, then a different person installed office. It was then reported to me that the end user could not compose new email. They get the following errors:

1) Microsoft outlook : You need to create a Microsoft Outlook profile. In windows, go to the control panel and open mai. Click profiles, and then Add.

2) Address Book Error: The MAPI Session handle of the GroupWise "object request broker" could not be accessed. The address book cannot run.

3) Novell GroupWise: GroupWise is not install properly installed. The Address book component could not be initialized.

GroupWise then Crashes.

I have uninstalled GroupWise, removed the NT message handler and ran "Cleanit" (the older version). This did not help.

In add\remove programs only Office 13 is list, not Outlook by itself. So I do not know how to remove outlook.

Anyone have an idea?

Phil J