Ever since using Vibe 3.3, I've had a major bug-bear that Vibe automatically sets the completed date when the completed percentage for a task to 100% - with no way to change it! So, if you forget to "complete" a task on the day you completed it, you can't back-date it. This was always going to be an issue for our users.

I was extra disappointed Novell didn't fix this in Vibe 4.0 (https://www.novell.com/documentation...a.html#btrjsu4), so I stuffed around in the database until I worked out a solution. Hope it helps a few others.

1. In the Admin Console > System > Form and View Designers, edit the entry definition "Task (_taskEntry)"
2. Expand out the Entry Form Definition, and click "Form". Then click "Add" and choose "Date and Time"
3. Set the caption to "Completed Date" and the data name to "completedDate". I set the initial setting to None (so it doesn't complete when you first create it), then left the other boxes.
4. Tick OK to save.

You can play around to move it to sit nicely under the Completed % box if you know how to use the Form Designer (which I think needs a masters degree in by itself).

If you want to know how I discovered the field name (since I can't see any documentation on it), let me know.