We are using IDM 4.0.2 on windows 2008 R2 and we have 3 different
environments like DEV, Pre Production and Production.

Our Production environment has 10 workflows and having 30000+ IDM roles
that gives accesses to AD group, SAP UM roles, etc.

But in DEV, we have only limited 3000 roles as its only a test
environment. Now, we are planning to upgrade from IDM 4.0.2 to IDM 4.5.

We wanted to test this upgrade in DEV first with production data. So we
are looking to Import all the roles/resources from PROD to DEVELOPMENT.

I tried to take export of User application driver in Production but am
getting Java Heap space error in Imanager and in Designer 4.0.2 due to
large volume of Roles/Resources.
Then I tried to take eDirectory backup from production and try restore
in Dev but it failed, because of server references/ip addresses etc.

1. Is there a way where I can export all the objects from the container
"cn=AppConfig,cn=UserApplication,cn=driverset1,o=s ystem" from
So that I can have the all the workflows, roles, resources same as in
PRODUCTION. And then do a IDM 4.5 upgrade.

2. Is there an option to specify a folder while taking eDirectory
backup. Like: Backup only OU=users,O=MyOrganization, or Like,
I am using the below command in windows for full eDirectoryu backup.
D:\Novell\NDS\dhostcon.exe load dsbk backup -f
D:\Novell\eDir_bkp\dsbk.bak -l D:\Novell\eDir_bkp\backup.log -t -w -b

Thanks in advance

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